Kluge Menschen sagen kluge Sachen: Musikkonsum

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Modernes Leben / Musik

„I think the music business is changing. What people want changes and then sometimes it cycles round and they come back to it. At the moment you’re looking at people cherry-picking like mad on Spotify and everything. I think already iTunes is out of date and Spotify, where you really pick and choose, is coming in.
That will probably be the status quo for a while but then I think it will change again. The album is a wildly outdated concept now. People are downloading individual tracks. We’re almost back to singles. But that can change again. I think the current flavor is that people don’t want albums. they want hits, but that can change. There’s no reason why someone couldn’t go and make an opus that’s three albums long and everyone goes, ‘This is incredible!’ If you think, people will watch 24 on TV for 24 hours, so there’s no reason why someone couldn’t do the musical equivalent.”
Nick Mason, Pink Floyd

Aus Q Magazine, 12/2014, p. 156, „Back on the dark side“

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